Ford OBS Axle Conversion Kit (05+ Superduty Swap)


This is our entry level 05+ Superduty Axle Conversion Kit which was designed to use all the factory parts from the Superduty suspension and steering to keep things and simple as possible. All our brackets are bolt in and locate from existing holes in the frame. 

Add the Driveshaft Conversion U-Joints to bolt your OBS Driveshafts up to the Superduty Axles 

Upgrade your 05+ Superduty Axle Swap by replacing the radius arms with our Short Arm 4 Link Kit! The 4-link conversion offers improved stability, strength and caster control during wheel travel.

If you have a ZF5 Transmission you will need to use our ZF5 Crossmember

**Driveshafts may need to be shortened or Lengthened** 

**This Kit is designed for factory Superduty coil springs or leveling coil springs only**

Kit Includes 

  • Coil Buckets 
  • Trac Bar Bracket 
  • Radius Arm Brackets 
  • Sway Bar Brackets
  • Pitman Arm (machined to accept superduty steering)
  • Grade 8 Hardware 
  • Bare Steel (No Coating)


  • Stainless Brake lines
  • Driveshaft Conversion U-Joints  
  • 0"-4" Short Arm 4 Link Upgrade 
  • ZF5 Transmission Crossmember 

Parts You Will Need From 05+ Superduty

  • Front Axle 
  • Coil Springs
  • Trac Bar
  • Steering
  • Sway Bar and End Links

Fitment Guide

  • Fits 1987-1997 F150 / F250 / F350 
  • Fits 2WD and 4WD Frames  




**When shipping to Canada orders will be subject to taxes and duties**

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